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Gift Ideas for Artists Creatives

Gift Ideas for Artists Creatives

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Thoughtful, Fun and Unique Presents for You and Any Artists You Know

It is always nice to receive gifts. But it’s even better when you unwrap something it turns out you really want. For artists and creatives, there are tons of gift ideas to explore and here we give you our wish list from an artist’s perspective, from fun gifts with art history themes to unique tools to help you make cool stuff to hand massagers to rejuvenate you. Enjoy!

Art History Suds

What could be more invigorating than soaping up with a cake of art history soap? Pretty much nothing. Lather with Edgar Degas for a true art cleanse or never unwrap this bar of art history goodness and enjoy it for years to come.

Custom Book How-To

Artist’s books have become a wonderfully varied source of creative expression. The styles artists and craftspeople dream up to create in the form of a book seem limitless. Make a custom book with your artwork as a gift or gift this video download to inspire your friend or family member!

Dali Wristwatch

Philosopher’s Guild

You will always be on time or running late in style with this Surrealist attached to your wrist. This exquisite Dali wristwatch features a moving mustache to mark the minutes and hours as they melt away.

Bob Ross Everything!

Barnes and Noble

No White Elephant gift swap would be complete without the crowd pleasing Bob Ross. The man’s paintings and sayings made him beloved by all and the tons of gifts made in his name are only further proof of that fact. Check them all out here and look no further for your artsy gift. Bob has you covered.

Artful Accessories

National Gallery of Art, Washington

You can wear your art your sleeve, or at least your lapel, styled after one of the most iconic symbols in the visual arts: the color wheel! Or outfit yourself or someone who loves art just as much with a tote featuring a museum fave–tons of museums worldwide, including the National Gallery in DC, feature these in their stores.

Custom Bust

Nothing says “I like you a lot” like a custom contemporary bust. You can give yourself in bust form or get someone else made into a bust. Or gift a Yoda bust or a Seinfeld bust. The bust possibilities are nearly endless and though the price tag on these is a bit steep, just think of all the bust drawings you can do after you get this in the studio!

Etsy // AdrienArt

Sip Paint

If you are looking for gift ideas that you can do with your family and friends, spouse or colleagues, sip and paint is where it is at. You can turn these into private parties or go solo to kick back, sip on your favorite cocktail and paint your heart out. Muse Paint Bar runs events all along the East Coast. Look up family friendly paint and sips too if you have kids in your life you want to share this with–mocktails will be served!

3D Printing Pen


Develop artistic skills and spatial thinking and, mostly, make art out of thin air. A 3D printing pen is addictive for all that it can do for you, from making a quick model of an object you are trying to render to exploring three dimensions so you can be sure your artistic two dimensions pack a realistic punch.

Hand Massager

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Treat yourself to a stay-at-home hand massage. No wheedling a spouse or son or daughter to massage your tired finger muscles. This gadget is easy to operate solo and will give your most essential art tools — your hands — the spa treatment they deserve. This is the tops when it comes to artist gift ideas because without your

Ask Your Art Oracle

Laurence King Publishing

Is there a better way to go than asking for guidance from the greats? Ask Frida what your next art career move is. Source advice from Picasso on how to handle your personal relationships. Matisse can tell you all about balancing home and family. Laurence King’s Art Oracle cards are a great way to lightheartedly “connect” with masters both Old and new.

Endless Inspiration

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