Figure Drawing Master Class Teaches How to Draw Realistic, Expressive Figures

Figure Drawing Master Class Teaches How to Draw Realistic, Expressive Figures

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How do I draw a person? How can I make my figures look realistic? What part of the body should I draw first? How can my figure drawings achieve a unique personal style?

These are big questions, but they are some of the most common questions that artists young and old ask. And this has been the case for a long time–for centuries artists have been inspired to master the challenging task of drawing the human body, an endlessly complex and rewarding subject.

The truth is that there is no simple answer, no one secret technique, no “10 Quick Tips” that will immediately enable you to draw a realistic, expressive figure. Learning to draw a person takes time, practice, and patience.

It also takes a skilled teacher, and that’s why Drawing magazine is thrilled to present Figure Drawing Master Class, a new book by Dan Gheno that gives you the chance to learn figure drawing from a highly respected artist, author, and instructor.

Dan Gheno is a longtime teacher at the National Academy School and the Art Students League of New York, and for years he has been a contributor to Drawing, writing in-depth articles on topics such as drawing from observation, human anatomy, drawing clothing and drapery, and drawing foreshortened figures.

Now, his writings have been gathered into one volume, which is a must-have for any artist who is serious about improving his or her figure-drawing abilities. A quick look at the table of contents provides a good indication of how many important topics are covered:

  • How to See Form
  • Training Your Hand
  • Action and Gesture
  • Making Better Lines
  • A Portrait of the Hand
  • Dynamic Heads
  • Putting Together the Human Form
  • Drapery on the Human Form
  • Composing Your Drawings
  • How to Use Narrative in Your Art

Those are some of the most important subjects facing you in your figure drawings, and Figure Drawing Master Class discusses each of them in detail, with visual examples by both the author and a host of other great artists, from Old Masters to contemporary figure drawers and painters.

This is an essential resource for artists at many levels, as beginners, intermediate artists, and advanced students will find lots of new, helpful information. To get this brand-new book, you can order a hard copy, or download a digital version. And to get continued figure-drawing instruction from Dan Gheno and others, be sure to subscribe to Drawing.

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