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Halloween Costume Ideas Every Artist Will Love

Halloween Costume Ideas Every Artist Will Love

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Artful Costume Ideas

Because Halloween is only a few weeks away, we wanted to scroll through Instagram in search of the perfect art-inspired costume. As our luck would have it, there were plenty of artful getups to choose from!

Below is a list of some of our favorite Halloween costumes shared via Instagram, perfect for artists and art appreciators alike. Enjoy!

The Frida Freakout

With so many Frida Kahlo lookalikes posting selfies across the web, it was hard to just pick one. So, here are a few fabulous looks for those of you wanting to channel your inner Frida this Halloween.

Try the “I woke up like this” Frida.

Check out this boss lady Frida with her hip, little sidekick: a mini Andy Warhol.

Mimic this flawless Frida look.

Here is the ultimate art power couple costume: Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo — great for if you are in love and also want to be Frida.

Can’t forget the mini Frida for all your art-loving kiddos!

Famous Paintings Turned Live Action

From the modern-day Mona Lisa to perfecting The Starry Night fashion, here are a few ways to incorporate your favorite artworks into a Halloween costume.

Be the masterpiece to your painter, er, partner. This could work as a great couple attire, or equally awesome, stand-alone Halloween costumes!

Need a last-minute costume idea? Add some faux water lilies or any big flowers to a bluish throw blanket, and you can channel Monet’s beloved water lilies. (Bonus: This might be an especially awesome getup if your name is Lily.)

Try blending in with the starry night while trick-or-treating or when out and about at a Halloween bash — literally.

Be bold like Duchamp with this fun costume. (Pro tip: Make sure no one thinks you are really a urinal.)

Win the last-minute DIY costume challenge by channeling a little inspiration from Jackson Pollock.

Really play up the whole “gothic” nature of Halloween with this classic inspiration.

And for all artists in charge of taking more than one kiddo out for a night trick-or-treating, become the envy of the neighborhood with this incredible duo costume theme!

Not Into Going as a Painting? What About Becoming the Artist?

OK, yes, we already had an entire section dedicated to one specific artist, Frida Kahlo. But there are tons of other great artists to inspire this year’s Halloween costume — whether you look to the actual artist or prefer his or her self-portrait.

The possibilities are practically endless! But, in case you need a little motivation:

Get right to the “point” with this Vincent van Gogh look!

Don’t have a straw hat? Just get an orange wig/beard and some face paint, and you’re well on your way to a convincible van Gogh. (Take it up a notch by painting some throw-away clothes, too!)

Here are some cute ideas for those of you who love to live vicariously through your kids’ costumes: another too-cool-for-school Warhol, a Dalí with an incredible stash or another tiny Frida!

And speaking of mustaches, win the night with one of these bad boys.

Bob Ross is always a good choice — especially now that he is making such a much-deserved comeback.

Who needs a wig when you can just hold up Warhol’s trendy do and shades?

Why not go as the son of man — as in René Magritte’s The Son of Man. The Halloween game just got real — surreal, that is — with this awesome and simple DIY costume.

Planning to celebrate Halloween with artistic flare this year? Tell us in the comments below. And, tag us @artistsnetwork on Instagram, using #artistsnetwork_halloween with your artful costume idea, and you could receive a special shoutout!

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