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I Cant Believe Im About to Say This, But

I Cant Believe Im About to Say This, But

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No Drawing or Painting … Right Now

Take a break, and don’t draw or paint. OK, I was kind of thinking the world would end if I said it, but the apocalypse has not yet arrived, so let me explain.

Right now, I’m tired. I’ve just finished a bunch of summer traveling, did tons of family activities and events that were fun, but after all of it, I’m a little worn out.

So instead of pushing myself to jump right back into the studio, drawing or painting like normal, I’m going to try a few different tactics to rejuvenate my artistic outlook for this summer season, and for the rest of 2017. I am going to start by going to museums, galleries, open studios, art shops and workshops—just as an observer.

Sitting on my desk are several art catalogs waiting for me to spend some quality time with them. And, this isn’t something I can do when I have a lot of other pressing commitments. This “break” seems like a perfect opportunity to do a little skimming and page flipping, looking to see what catches my eye and what is appealing to me right now–and for future inspiration.

I want to do a few hours of brain dumping as well. I’m going to find a place to just sit, think and write–about art that I’m seeing, art that I would love to make and where I think contemporary art is heading.

Also, I’m spending a few hours simply watching other artists at work. I forgot how soothing and interesting that can be: seeing how a painter starts a painting, builds up layers and tackles challenges of form and composition. I’m doing this both in person and with the help of the video workshops of

In fact, I’ve just finished watching Desmond O’Hagan’s Oil Painting: Light and Color. At times I tuned out the words (no offense, Desmond!!) and just watched the painting unfold. It definitely had the desired effect on me! I was itching to pick up a brush.

This time of “no painting or drawing” is really working for me. After the next few days of rejuvenating and learning new art techniques, I think I’ll be more than ready to get back to the studio with my creativity restored.

Get Inspired

In case you need a little motivation to make art, whether you’re just starting out or getting back into the swing of things (or better yet, stroke of things?!), here’s a little inspiration from artist Julie Gilbert Pollard!

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